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The Best of Liverpool Express
Cat #: EMR 01
Release Date: July 2002

The Best of Liverpool Express including their greatest hits from three LPs released in the 1970s: Tracks, Dreamin, and LEX. 15 remastered hits plus one new track, John George Ringo & Paul which is the band's very creative tribute to The Beatles. Features "You Are My Love," "Every Man Must Have a Dream," "Dreamin," "Smile," "Hold Tight," and many others. Includes 12-page booklet with all lyrics and photos of the band.

Track Listing:

You Are My Love
Take It Easy With My Heart
Every Man Must Have a Dream
I Want Nobody But You
It's A Beautiful Day
Julian the Hooligan
So Here I Go Again
John George Ringo & Paul
So What
Last Train Home
Hold Tight
Never Be The Same Boy
Don't Stop the Music


Spencer Leigh, Goldmine Magazine

In the mid-70's, Liverpool Express made some fine LPs and had hits in the UK and elsewhere notably Brazil. Their leader, Billy Kinsley has been involved in many other projects: The Merseybeats and The Pete Best Band. LEX has been doing gigs to promote the first compilation of their 3 LPs: Tracks, Dreamin, and LEX. They've added a new track, John, George, Ringo and Paul for this 16-track CD. It's appropriate that LEX pay tribute to The Beatles as their influence is so strong. Billy Kinsley has always struck me as The Man Who Wanted To Be Paul McCartney. Many of the tracks, including the hit single "You Are My Love" sound like Wings at their best. "Take It Easy With My Heart" sounds like an outtake from Imagine. The tempo changes in "Julian The Hooligan" bring Band on the Run to mind. "Margie" is a second cousin to Denny Laine's "Say You Don't Mind" with an identical arrangement. "So What" could have been one of Gilbert O'Sullivan's hits. And so on. I would have liked more originality from the band, but this is all good stuff and very well played. The photos in the CD booklet show what a friendly band this is. Very good listening indeed. The songs don't sound particularly dated and after all, McCartney called You Are My Love one of his favourite records.

Michael Cimino, Cottage Views

The Best of Liverpool Express contains an overabundance of McCartney-esque melodies balanced by Harry Nilsson wistfulness, 10cc buoyancy, and a little "White Album" wit. If these songs popped up on the radio, and you didn't know better, you'd believe that they were long-lost Beatles tracks. Any Beatles-fan, or Anglo-music-phile, should not be without this collection.

Ed Stone, Record Collector Magazine

This mid-70s soft-rock/pop band was formed around the talents of bassist/vocalist Billy Kinsley and session pianist Roger Scott Craig. Much of their sound is influenced by the Beatles; not surprising given that Kinsley's first band played at the Cavern alongside the Beatles. With Paul McCartney once proclaiming the Express hit "You Are My Love" as one of his favourites, plus the notable inclusion of a song memorably titled "John, George, Ringo & Paul", the Fab Four connection stretches out even further. Yet the music is typical 70s fare, leaning to both AOR and MOR in places. There are some decent melodies and all the group's minor hits, but the overall effect is rather bland. Still, this collection will please both fans and those who remember the era with fondness. With sleeve-notes, lyrics and plenty of photos, it's a decent enough period piece.

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