discografia Pholhas

progressivo - panorama, imigrantes, somente rock´n roll, solidão, águas passadas, metrô-trem, anoiteceu, Dr. Silvana, pra ser mais eu, luzes, câmara, ação

PHOLHAS - my mistake, forever, the other one, I´m down, shadow of love, my sorrow, in my way, she made me cry, I never did before (Mr. X), anymore, special girl, sunshine, get back, dead faces.

DEAD FACES - the other one, she made me cry, the world´s truth, the beauty of your soul, my mistake, dead faces, in my way, I never did before (Mr. X), it´s gonna be hard (Mr. ABC), your mother really doesn´t appreciate  too much our friendship, but I don´t mind, Angel´s spring, the king´s walk

Pholhas 25 anos - all by myself, I started a joke, a white shad of pale, skyline pigeon, Venus, have you ever seen the rain, how can you mend a broken heart, listen to the music, when you said goodbye, true love, my mistake, she made me cry

Pholhas Forever - 26 anos -  it´s too late, forever, proud Mary, stormy, smoke get in your eyes, bus stop, all in love is fair, if, blue suede shoes, unchained melody, reflections of my life,  in my way



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